How online payment is applied in Asiana Travel Mate’s sales procedure

Asiana Travel Mate is the leading Online Tour Operator of Indochina region with years of tourism experience. The company specialize in providing tailored- made tours to customers basing on customer’s demand and budget for the tours, i.e Asiana Travel Mate allow customers to customize the tour programs up to their expectations. With the above business characteristics, Asiana Travel Mate’s website only posts the introduction and experience of the company as well as already carried-out tour program for customers’ reference.


Before Asiana Travel Mate use OnePAY Online Card Payment Service, the company have already used MOTO (Mail Order / Telephone Order) Service from banks to get the payment from far- away customers. With MOTO service, customers had to provide Asiana Travel Mate with a dossier including authorization letter, scanning image of 2 sides of the card, and a copy of passport. Asiana Travel Mate then submit the dossier to the bank and wait for the bank officially informing if the transaction have been made.

In case of Asiana Travel Mate, OnePAY offer the company payment via email service which is well matched to Asiana Travel Mate’s sales procedure, i.e Asiana Travel Mate still work with customers to finalize the tour program and fix the price through email or telephone. When the order should be paid, Asiana Travel Mate will use OnePAY system to send the invoice to customer via email. When receive the email, customer can make the payment to Asiana Travel Mate online with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB with a payment link in the invoice.

Email Payment Service have brought lots of benefit to Asiana Travel Mate as followings:

  • No payment document filing and management then reduce management cost;
  • Online business management;
  • Secure and convenient payment method to customers enhance customers to pay online to increase sales volume;
  • Sales revenue will be credited to Asiana Travel bank account daily.